We're trusted by organisations operating across 60 countries.

We're trusted by organisations operating across 60 countries.

technology solutions

We're problem solvers, crafting technical solutions to meet business needs with a design-led approach. This means defining weak areas and working creatively towards flexible solutions adjusted around the people that use them. Our solutions reliably serve thousands of concurrent users - challenge us!


Matter provides technical expertise to brands and companies of any size, from any vertical and at any stage of maturity. We don't believe in a 'one size fits all' approach, instead understanding each client's business objectives and collaboratively crafting strategy to meet and exceed their expectations.

Social build
& management

We have vast experience building socially integrated campaigns. We understand that social sites and apps, at their heart, are tools to enable brands to reach business objectives whilst rewarding users with relevant experiences. We're platform agnostic, from Facebook and Twitter to custom internal networks.

Bespoke technology solutions

We work as a nimble team that isn't afraid to experiment, be creative and exploit new technology to help our clients do amazing things. Online software As creators and users of open source and commercial technology, we'll use a design-led approach to help optimise specific business processes, or develop new solutions to a brief. We're used to collaborating with internal IT stakeholders for frictionles enterprise-wide compliance. Mobile and social apps Social or native apps for external and internal audiences. Facebook Messenger Chatbots Intelligent, GDPR compliant, Facebook Messenger chatbots for engagement, support, sales and other implementations. Emerging technology Where a traditional route to a solve a problem doesn't exist, we'll research and apply emerging tech if it's the right tool for the job. Examples include real-time beacon tech to reach the right people at the right time. Challenge us.

We know that brands and agencies are brimming with good ideas; our job is to bring those ideas to life within a strategic structure for success. Your structure for success will depend on your brand's maturity and business objectives. It will often begin life as a principle-based roadmap, comprised of a number of steps to get from where you are today, to where you want to be. Each step is named, has pre-defined characteristics, and includes a question that completion of that step will answer. Engrained success metrics mean that you can see, at-a-glance, progress towards your business objectives.

Social build & management

We believe in 'better social', social that's more engaging, social that offers a tangible route to meet your business objectives. All our social experiences are created with four pillars in mind: Purpose, Performance, Efficiency, Ethic. We can start at the beginning by crafting and delivering a concept to meet your requirements, or we can jump-in at a later stage to deliver an experience that you've already planned.

Example: Multi-Channel Social Product Sampling and Review

Business objective: Motivate specific demographics to trial a product, review, purchase and recommend the product to fiends. Solution: A desktop and mobile friendly Facebook app, offering users a choice from a selection of free samples to try. Users are prompted to gift additional samples to relevant friend groups. After samples are fulfilled (using our custom fulfilment solution), users are contacted to give a review, then retargeted with social ads to drive purchase. Reviews are also propagated through the main product website. Example results: Approximately 250,000 requests for samples, of which 33,000 opted in to allow the brand to use their data for future marketing purposes. Of these, 981 went on to supply (glowing) reviews for the brand to use at digital point of sale. The app was shared over 36,000 times by enthusiastic advocates.

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