CommsDirector: Take control of your corporate communications.

CommsDirector: Take control of your corporate communications.

Intuitive, enterprise-ready comms management software

CommsDirector is an easy-to-use corporate communications management solution allowing any member of an organisation to submit comms requests, and allows the communications team to collaboratively process and manage activity across any number of channels. The system can be used by multiple functions, including internal, external and investor comms teams, or any group requiring enteprise-ready collaboaration and complete comms oversight. See all features at the CommsDirector website or contact us for a demo.

CommsDirector Features

Requesting communications

Anyone within the organisation can log in to request a communication using their organisation's existing Single Sign-On details (for frictionless access) or specific new credentials. Within the system, users are guided through a request process to elicit the behaviour changes required to meet the criteria of a valid request. Each request comprises five elements: What - the subject, purpose and key messages Why - objectives, outcomes, priority and purpose Who - the target audience of the communication When - the proposed start date of the comms How - suggested channel for delivery

Managing incoming requests

Requests are automatically allocated to the correct members of the communications team, based on their area of specialism. The request is acknowledged, evaluated, edited, submitted for approval, approved and scheduled by the communications team to ensure governance (and if necessary can be marked as 'rejected' with a recorded reason). Requests can be re-allocated between communications team members to support collaboration.

Organising communications

The communications team have access to the admin interface of the tool which allows them to see all requests in both calendar and list formats. Selecting a request brings up full editable details, including scheduling, approval, reallocation and content options. To ensure compliance, details of confidential requests can only be seen by authorised communications team members.

View more at the CommsDirector website

Measuring saturation

Whether you're shielding board members from unnecessary noise, or ensuring maximum impact from each channel, tailoring frequency of messaging is vital. Filters allow the team to easily surface requests by target audience, channel and programme of activity. This means the team can easily evaluate specific groups in terms of message saturation and other criteria.

Managing teams

Team member areas of expertise are managed via a simple responsibility matrix, in which each team member is allocated a system role and audience specialism. When a request is allocated to a member (or members) of the communications team they receive email notification and process the request through four stages of approval: 1. Proposed 2. Acknowledge 3. Awaiting approval (or rejected) 4. Approved

Customised for your organisation

No two organisations are the same, which is why CommsDirector is flexible functionally and visually. After a settling-in period we work with you to define where the system can be further tailored for your teams for increased efficiency and smoothest workflow. CommsDirector has been created to play well with others and can be integrated with existing systems and leverage corporate SSO access.

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