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Does My Organisation Need a Chatbot?

Okay before we get to the chatbot part, let’s start by answering the question of why should an organisation or brand use Messenger at all? Well, with 1.3 billion Messenger users and 2 billion messages sent between users and businesses … Read More

Introduction to Messenger Chatbots

Messaging has exploded in popularity – messaging is the new normal. People prefer using messaging apps (think WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Apple’s Messages) to calling or emailing. It’s instant, convenient and incredibly widely adopted. Messaging friends, loved ones, the boss … Read More

Matter and PwC win ‘Best Digital-led Campaign’

Another award for team PwC/Matter at the CorpComms Awards 2016, held on 23rd November at The Troxy in London. Against stiff competition from the likes of HSBC, Bupa and Visa Europe, PwC and Matter walked away with the ‘Best Digital-led … Read More

Matter win at the IoIC Awards

It’s a win! Last night Matter Technology and their client PwC were awarded first place in the ‘New Channel’ category at the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) awards. The award was given for “Transforming PwC’s UK Internal Digital Channels” in … Read More

The ‘Design-Led’ Approach – When is the Problem Not the Problem?

This is an introduction for anyone new to the theory of a ‘design-led’ approach, which can be applied to projects, solutions or other problem-solving exercises. Straight away the phrase ‘design-led’ makes you think of someone sketching, or some guy dressed … Read More

Think apps are dead? You’re doing it wrong.

Saying “apps are dead” is a bit like trying to eat with spoons attached to your elbows and declaring that “cutlery is dead”. … Read More

Your free iPads are killing you

Now that Facebook has effectively throttled organic reach, it’s important that the (small) percentage of your audience that you reach are on board with your brand. … Read More

Why you should ignore your advocates

You should ignore your advocates – at least for some of the time. Why? Advocates already like you, they already buy your stuff and they already tell their friends about your brand. Spend some time instead focusing on disengaged followers … Read More