Okay before we get to the chatbot part, let’s start by answering the question of why should an organisation or brand use Messenger at all?

Well, with 1.3 billion Messenger users and 2 billion messages sent between users and businesses monthly, there’s clearly a case for ‘fishing where the fish are’. Messenger gives brands the opportunity to interact with a HUGE audience in a more personal and immediate way than ever seen before.

Having reached critical mass, it’s now not just a potential touch-point; your audience expects to be able to reach you over an instant messaging channel.

As part of your channels mix, having a messaging presence has transitioned beyond icing-on-the-cake to must-have.

So where does the chatbot come in?

Hand-in-hand with being open to messaging comes the user expectation that when contact is made, a response will be fast. Using Messenger at the pace of email is worse than not being on Messenger at all – it’s like no one’s home.

This is where the basics of a chatbot come in to play. Of course, you can’t always have someone available 24/7, but 90% of customer enquiries will be common and predictable. If a bot can’t provide the answer straight away, it can certainly appease the user and point them in the right direction, with a human able to follow-up when available.

Bots serve two broad purposes for essential base-level customer service:

1. Chatbots respond fast and efficiently to routine queries, escalating to humans when required.
Not only does it mean you respond instantly, but because humans can be freed up for more challenging work, you’re creating resource efficiencies.

2. Bots can be there when you can’t (the most reliable employee you’ll ever have).
While you sleep, a bot can nurture sales, qualify leads, answer questions, handle account queries and delight users in many other ways.

Once you’ve got the bases covered, chatbots can be put to use in multiple parts of the sales and engagement funnel, at scale. Examples include advanced service and support, lead qualification, marketing experiences and more.

Download our full guide to Messenger Chatbots:
Matter Technology – Why You Need a Messenger Chatbot

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