Internal collaboration is more important than ever, as businesses grow they often lose what helped them gain their success in the first place, a collaborative and cohesive team.

Which begs the question; how you create meaningful collaboration in a business that employs 100 people, let alone 10,000?Emails are sluggish and difficult to manage, just think of your own inbox, it’s probably chaos. A new office with breakout space is probably out of the question too, so that leaves phone calls and meetings, this surely can’t be only way to communicate?

One tech firm that thinks it has the answer is Slack. You may have seen their animal ads or soaring value but there’s much more to their model than meets the eye. After all, instant messengers aren’t new, we’ve been sending each other emoji messages for years so Slack must be doing something special. What makes Slack unique is its determination to create a truly collaborative space that understands the balance between professional and fun.

At this point you might be thinking that a colorful platform with some sharing functionality isn’t exactly a revolution. But take a look at this GIF of Slack’s growth, for a business app it’s impressive.

The list of functionality is huge and more importantly it’s customisable, what makes Slack special is that it allows not only integration with your existing systems and tools, but enables individuals within the team to create ‘Channels’ where they can hold specialist conversations, with a specialist group of colleagues. Older competitors promised a professional environment that amplified teamwork but these platforms were often too basic and boring. Slack, unlike it’s predecessors is engaging and borderline informal and yet somehow that supercharges its popularity. slack table

Providing your team with good collaboration tools and a culture which encourages intra and inter team conversation is a ‘no brainer’ yet only 18% of employees get communication evaluations at their performance review.

Slack isn’t the answer, it’s not a magic wand of efficiency, or a rabbit in a hat of creativity, but by using a tool like Slack, you’re giving your team the materials they need to start to collaborate more effectively.

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