It is estimated that 7.8 million people over the age of 12 in the UK have consumed illegal content on the internet at some point this year. A further 343 million songs have been downloaded illegally and on average 26.3% of American students have beencyber bullied. It would appear that the Internet is a perilous place, but that’s not entirely true. It can be an environment for unprecedented charity that connects people all over the world, so with that in mind, here are Five times that the internet restored our faith in humanity this year.

James and the #GoBeKind campaign

Through his #GoBeKind campaign Leon Logothesis aims to share goodwill with total strangers across the United States. On his journey he met James Moss, a single father who had recently moved to Denver with his son with the hope of raising him somewhere peaceful. Unfortunately, upon arrival James’ accommodation plans fell through and he was left homeless, Leon stepped in to gave James and his son $1000 as well as a room in a hotel for one week. But James’ tale didn’t end there, his story was shared nationwide on YouTube and the general public responded by the thousands! Strangers watching his story have donated over $50,000 to help James give his son a better chance in life.


In a week where Donald Trump wanted to see a ban on Muslims traveling to the US it was heartwarming to see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau show compassion not restraint. Canada is set to welcome 25,000 refugees by March 2016 and in turn set a caring example for the rest of North America. Canadians took to Twitter to show the world their welcome, just check out the #Welcometocananda hash tag to see a stream of greetings.

Britain’s loneliest school boy

Aron Anderson lives on the isle of Out Skerries and this September he became the only remaining pupil at his community school. The island has become so quiet that he’s resorted to making friends with the ducks, dogs and cows. Aron’s story as ‘Britain’s loneliest school boy’ was shared on Reddit and users responded with action. So far Aron has received 2,000 Christmas cards, sweets, DVDs, socks, pen pals and more. Merry Christmas!


Seth has SCID, a lethal disease that means he has no immune system. Earlier this year his family decided to run their own social media campaign where friends and family would share a photo of themselves wearing something yellow to show their support for Seth. What his family didn’t expect, was for their campaign to go worldwide, generating 188.2 million social impressions and creating a huge awareness of SCID. We think this campaigns success might have something to do with Seths smile!


The world was shook by the events of 13th November when a group of terrorists tried to tear a city apart with violence. Many people lost their lives but Paris stood resolute. Facebook was awash with the red white and blue as users across the globe showed their support whilst reminding the world that these actions were by a misguided minority.

We hope this post shows you that the Internet doesn’t just bring out the worst in humanity, it does its fair share of good too.

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