Here at Matter we’re always looking to the future to prepare our clients for their changing environments. With that in mind we have made a short list of things to look forward to in 2016 and what they mean for a modern company.

You’ll notice that the predictions on this list aren’t a huge surprise, some of them have been on the horizon for a while. So why are we pinning them for renewed success in 2016? According to the Gartner’s Hype Cycle, our predictionslook set to make a tangible impact to our culture in the near future, the next 12 months to be exact. For example, autonomous cars and bio dust are futuristic innovations but they still require considerable development. This list is about the now (well, really soon)!


Drone technology covers quite a wide range of different aerial machines. Amazon has been promising a drone delivery service while our military defense has been surveying war zones for over a decade. But in this watch list we are more concerned with consumer-owned drones. From fireworks to weddings, wild beluga whales and exploring volcanos, we are now experiencing the world around us and beyond, like never before. Nevertheless, the gap between consumer toy and professional tool is too vast. Flight times, reception distances and cameras could all be improved. Only once they become accessible to the wider public will we see their true potential. With new products from all the usual suspects as well as GoPro, we think the next 12 months could be very exciting for drone technology.

Virtual Reality

You’ve probably seen videos of people wearing futuristic goggles and smiled at their wondrous reactions to a virtual reality, but have you actually used the technology yourself? The experience is certainly immersive but the graphics need improving and we aren’t the only business to recognise this. Digital effects group, Digital Domain Holdings is to pay $38.9 million for a majority 53.9% stake in Canadian virtual reality technology firm IMV.  With an acquisition like this we can assume that they plan to create a more detailed VR experience. Combine that with new releases from Oculus, Sony, HTC as well as child friendly version from Mattel and 2016 certainly becomes an exciting year for virtual reality.

Disruptive tech

It can be a contentious issue but in our opinion, disruptive technology offers exciting changes to the way markets function. We have seen the taxi, takeaway and hotel industries unsettled by Uber, Deliveroo and Airbnb. The next 12 months look set to welcome even more disruptive tech but what’s next? We’d like to see the payment industry disrupted, we’ve seen new advances by Paypal, Apple pay and e-currencies but we think there’s more to come in 2016.

Cyber security

High profile cyber-attacks have thrust online security into the spotlight #Sonygate and Ashley Madison weren’t the only victims. A study by BofAML found that 69% of Americans “occasionally” worried about having their credit card details stolen by computer hackers. This is hardly a surprise when you consider that cybercrime has cost the global economy $575 billion. We all store vital and personal information online yet most people don’t know the proper precautions necessary to stay protected. In 2016 we expect a wave of new security solutions, tackling computer based crime and potentially the beginning of the end for the humble password.

The Internet of Things

We live in a society of super speed connection, you can talk to relatives across the globe in real-time and send an email to thousands with a few clicks but human communication isn’t where it ends. Our office printers are ordering their own ink while the new Dyson vacuum cleaner operates itself and even schedules its own software updates. Everyday technology is becoming independent and it shows no signs of slowing down. Apple Homekit on iOS9 allows users to remotely lock doors, operate thermostats and even turn on the kettle. This interconnected world of everyday objects is known as The Internet Of Things and in 2016 users look set to welcome it into their homes.

Is your business ready for 2016?

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