It’s been a fantastic year for apps; Uber, Snapchat and Tinder might have grabbed all the headlines but what about the quiet success stories? Here at Matter we use a whole host of apps so here is a list of our favourites that we’ve been using over the last 12 months.

Hyperlapse, chosen by Dominik, Junior Account Managericons (2) - Copy

In recent years we’ve all become creative directors. Whether it’s curating the perfect snapshots of our day on Instagram or posting home movies to millions on YouTube, we just love documenting what we do in a unique way. Clever tech that
allows you to be creative is great but tech that requires no training and is intuitive is
even better. Timelapse was once reserved for the nature programs on TV but with
one app it’s a tool at your disposal. Our favourite is Instagram’s Hyperlapse, it’s the
easiest to use and as a result we’ve been catching sunsets, rolling clouds and
rising tides all year.

Trello, chosen by Matt, Senior Software Engineericons (6)

If you’re a fan of lists, then this is the app for you. Imagine a Pinterest style calendar and you’re halfway to Trello. Create a variety of ‘cards’ with different themes and topics, build plans with tickets then share them with your team to create
your own board of to-dos. Trello is also available on desktop, where it can
be customized until it becomes the ultimate organizational tool for your personal
and professional life.

Happn, chosen by Michael, Technical Directoricons (5)

Social platforms and especially dating apps, were incredibly popular in 2015. There were so many to choose from but our pick is Happn. Much like other apps, users create a profile and set the guidelines for people they’d like to meet. Happn then notifies when you’ve crossed paths with a fellow happn’er and both users have
a chance to show an interest in each other. Granted, the bulk of its functionality
isn’t unique but there’s something quite romantic knowing that you crossed paths
with someone who fancies you.

Monument Valley, chosen by Lily, Client Directoricons (4) - Copy

Monument Valley is the only game on our list but what a striking game it is. Users navigate their character around a variety of castles, carefully avoiding crows that want to halt their progress. The beauty is in its detail, play-responsive music, smooth scrolling and an Escher-like disregard geometric and gravitational rules are
just the start. It’s not the most difficult game, but like slow TV it has a knack for
inducing a calm feeling, perfect for a busy commute.

Afterlight, chosicons (3) - Copyen by Steve, Managing Director

We’re not done with editing apps just yet! Afterlight is a fantastically developed photo editing tool. They haven’t reinvented the wheel but they have made it smoother and rounder. Afterlight operates with great speed and simplicity but most importantly it makes your photos look infinitely better.Be sure to check out
the links and give these apps a try, we’ve certainly enjoyed using them.

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